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Fleming College Alumni / 1973 - 1974

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Wendy Burden
Rear View     LISA MAXWELL
Advertising Art Director / www.lisamax.com
Also Singer, Performer

What have I been up to...?
After my year at FCF I moved to New York City and went to Parsons School of Design. I graduated with a BFA in Communication Design in 1977 and immediately began work in the advertising business. While gainfully employed I pursued my true love of singing, and performed in cabarets in New York for a period of 9 years . During those years I did some amazing traveling, some job-related and some personal. I went to Africa, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, toured Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands, and the outback of Australia.
In 2000, I moved to Westchester County after 26 years in New York City, am still freelancing in the advertising business, am married and have a 17 year old son. My husband is one of the original creators and producers of School House Rock, and he and I have recently recorded a number of jazz standards. I have been teaching Desktop Publishing and Web Design and do TV voice over work.
I was markedly changed by my experience at FCF and remain close to many of my classmates. I look forward to reconnecting with many more.
In addition to my website, I'm also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Lisa Maxwell
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High School Theatre Teacher

What have I been up to...?
I teach High school theatre at a public high school in Houston. I received my BA in theatre in 79 from Webster U in St. Louis and my MFA in theatre from Univ. of Houston. I joined the Screen Actors Guild in the 80s and was doing commercials in texas as well as living in NYC for a few years before that and appearing in 2 Off broadway shows and doing print work (and waiting tables in Manhattan). I credit George Marchi and the great Fleming acting students for giving me a lifelong love for theatre. I was Married for 10 years to a French painter. No kids. Divorced and single now. My family lives way up in the Rocky mountains mostly. Both my parents are in their 80s and healthy. I go skiing and own a remote cabin that I visit close to an old mining town called Buena Vista near timberline. But I am a city boy and I love a big city like Houston and I own a townhouse near downtown.

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Assisted Living Professional

What have I been up to...?
After I left Italy in the spring of '75, I went to join Margaret Dulaney, my close friend and classmate from Fleming, in North Carolina. After a while I moved to Santa Fe which, in so many ways, is reminiscent of the Mediterranean - being an artsy place where people have a true appreciation of beauty and unique expression, and the tri-cultural (native, spanish and anglo) presence is so invigorating. I actually ran into a Fleming classmate, Shanly Heffelfinger, on the the street one day and we ended up spending quite a bit of time together. I also became very interested in Tibetan Buddhism - and still am. After 12 years, I moved to Boulder and entered the Contemplative Psychology program at Naropa and graduated with a Masters degree in that field. Since graduating, I’ve worked with people in some capacity or another - some crisis work, some art classes for kids - for about 8 years. For me, my greatest achievement so far has been to own a small assisted living home for 11 years for frail elders (8 total), and just had a very enriching time. I love older people and we had lots of fun, as well as sharing a very meaningful period of live - the end of it for them - they died at my place (Temenos House). It was perhaps the most rewarding and creative work I may do. Today, I’m married with two really wonderful step sons whom I've raised, and I still work with people who have need for support with mental health issues, in a small company my husband owns. My main goal now is to really bring art back into my life. I loved my drawing classes with Richard Boardman!

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  Ellen Smith Knapp
Teacher, TASIS Switzerland since January, 1979 MJA TASIS
Director, BU Tuscany Summer Landscape Painting Program since 2005 BU

What have I been up to...?
After FCF, I finished the BA at UVM in Burlington, VT, in Art History and English. Following this, I received the first MA in Italian language and Lit at Middlebury. Next came the Syracuse Florence Fellowship, which brought the second MA in Art History, and took me back to Florence for most of the year 1978. After this came some time in London preparing as an ESL teacher, and in Naples, where I worked for Studio Trisorio, a contemporary art gallery. I answered the call to join TASIS as an English and art history teacher to fill an
unexpected vacancy on the teaching staff mid-year, leaving my English
teaching and gallery work in Naples. Four years later, I went back to school at Penn in Philadelphia, where I spent two years in the Phd program in art history. During this time I met my wife, Simone Turner, and we were married in 1984. When I left Penn, I was all-but-dissertation in medieval Italian art and architecture. Simone and I decided to return to TASIS in 1985, where I have been teaching art history and architecture & design ever since.

This August (2010) marks our 26th anniversary. We bought a 19th-century stone barn in Vernate, 8.5 km from TASIS in the Malcantone, and converted it to a house in 1989. In 2004 we were able to purchase the ‘other half’ of the structure, overlooking the Lake of Lugano. Our daughter Hilary was born in 1995, and is about to start her 5th year at TASIS as a sophomore. She is interested in theater, and was Ariel in the school’s production of The Tempest in the fall of 2009 (I was Prospero... what a unique experience to act with your kid!) On the art front, I have had several one-man shows of my large-scale photographic sculptural pieces, and conceptual work, mostly in heavy materials like wood, rusted metal, 8mm copper, and plate-glass in the last few years. (I can’t shake the ‘70s urge to work BIG, I guess.) Since becoming director of the BU Tuscany Landscape Painting Program in 2005, there has been little time for anything but teaching and administration. In this program I also teach Italian (thank you, Nicla Mambretti!) and Italian Renaissance art history (thank you, Meg Licht!). Fleming College Florence was certainly the formative experience in my life.

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  Mark Aeschliman
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