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Where are we now?

Fleming College Alumni / 1974 - 1975

  College Years
  Anna Morton
Alan Robinson
Alison Lowander
Amy Tranen
Anne Monteleone
Anne Webster
Barbara Dugan
Barbara Philips
Breck Costin
Carol Baugh
Carol Sanders
Cathy Hefner
Caroline St George
Claudia Burr
Cynda Rohmer
Daniel Gillmore
Darcy Powers
Daryn Hinton Gabriel
Denise McDermott

Dina Di Marzio
Duffi McDermott
Elizabeth Whitehouse
Ellen Smith
Emily Astor
Eric Hedberg
Erica Max
Fereydoon Seghatoleslami
Frances Green
Frances Murdock
Fuzzy Randall
Guy Burchak
Hajar Safaie
Haydee Cruz
John Green
John Mazzacca
John Sanderford
Karin Lidbeck
Kate Phillip
Katherine Tobin
Kent Oztekin
Kimberly Sabaugh
Kristin Darnell
Laurel Dodd
Manuel Hidalgo
Margaret Dulaney Balitsaris
Maria Henle
Maria Luisa Guevara
Mark Aeschliman
Marjorie Appel
Mary Beitzel
Mary Gaynor
Michele Madrigali
Mindy Schwartz
Nancy Griswold
Nick Huston
Nicholas Norton
Patricia Belfanti
Peter Nicholas

Rabia Ben Barca
Randolph W. Parks
Robert Bloch
Robert Janes
Roya Marefat
Sally Dinwiddie
Sarah Tanguy
Sheree Kendrick
Sondra Duncanson
Steve Keiser
Susan Bodine
Susan Peck
Teresa Harper
Torri Randall
Veronica Randall
Virginia Baltzell
Wendy Holden
Wingate Jones
Yasmine Kashfi

What have I been up to...?
I live in Sunny Glenside, married, draw every day and have 2 dogz...

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Sondra Duncanson
Web Mistress / www.jacira.com / www.SalsaPower.com

What have I been up to...?
My name back then was Teresa (Teri) Harper. I started using my middle
name, Jacira, eons ago. After I left FCF, I worked for a year as a bilingual tutor in Denver Public Schools, then I went back to school to get a B.A. in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I spent time living in Quito, Ecuador during my college years, studying Latin American political science, then lived in Morelia, Michoacán, México for a few years before moving back to the US (New Mexico and later San Francisco).

About 10 years ago I went back to school and got a Masters in Information Technology, so am now doing multilingual web stuff! My largest website is www.SalsaPower.com, which is the largest salsa website on the internet, with over 300 local correspondents in more than 60 countries. Yes, I do teach salsa, also! I have 2 children: Avelina, born in Morelia, Michoacán, México in 1980 and Pablo, born in San Francisco, CA in 1989 (yeah, he was 6 months old when the big earthquake hit!). Lived in Chile from 1990 - 1995, and Florida ever since.

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Loan Officer / facebook: Alan Lewis Robinson

What have I been up to...?
From 1976-1983 Professional Acting Career in New York City appearing in the film Stardust Memories a small part and some soap operas and NYU film Sunspots, also worked for an Italian Bank for a short time during my acting career days. In 1983, I enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Asheville and received my BA in French Language and Literature in 1986. From 1986 - 1993 I did various jobs such as marketing for real estate agencies and was also a travel agent in Asheville NC. From 1997 - 2010 I worked for three large companies as a Loan Officer originating residential and commercial loans. At present, I work for a company out of Charlotte North Carolina and commute three days a week from Asheville to the office in Charlotte, I have also had many poems published at www.poetry.com under my name Alan L. Robinson I won second place in the National Library of Poetry contest in 2002 for my Thomas Wolfe poem about his life - he was born in Asheville (my hometown).
major southeastern destination, I would like to hear from more of my friends at Fleming College so look me up on facebook under Alan Lewis Robinson Hope to see you there soon!

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  Alan Robinson

What have I been up to...?
I am living in Grand Rapids, MI with my Husband of almost 28 years, Mitchell. We have two sons, Josh, 27 and Aaron 26. Josh works for Sony in Mobile music and Aaron will be going to Madison to work on his doctorate in the fall. I'll write more when I send my photos!

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What have I been up to...?
I have lived in California for 25 years and now due to my mothers advanced age have returned to Rome Italy to look after her. I retired some years ago. I was a Vice president of the Bank of Philadelphia and Visa USA. I built a home in Radicofani in Siena and make wine and olive oil (i drink most of the wine) I did however give 350 bottles to each Ferrari that passed through Radicofani for the 50th aniversary of the Ferrari mark.

I loved Fleming and the people there. I was however spooked by the entity that haunted the gardens at night some of you will know what i mean. We had a live experience of its presenze one night in the theater house on campus. Im taking one of my motorcycles in may to Florence and i will drop by the college. The well which was in the lower gardens has been filled in where history says a young lady was thrown in in the late 16th century. To day i collect motorcycles and go every summer to Greece.

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  Peter Nicholas
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