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Where are we now?

Fleming College Alumni / 1975 - 1977

  College Years
Tana Acton
Patricia Belfanti
Sandra Bergad
Laura Berry
Louisa Briccetti
David C. Clason
Christiana F. Davis
Skip Ennis
Nancy Easton
Sarah E. Eckrich
Jerome Ennis
Victoria M. Fergusson
David K. Florian (Deceased)
Margaret Francis
Ruth I. Francisco
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Victoria J. Gilano
Bett ina J. Gilbert
Eve Glabman

Grace M. Glenn
Janis Hallowell
Catherine E. Hefner
Rudiger Heim
Elizabeth B. Henderson
Elizabeth M. Hettich
Allison C. Holland
Bruce R. Horton
James E. Humes
Robert W. Janes
Jennifer Johnson
Marcia H. Jordan
Yasmine Kashfi
Katherine M. Kelso
Sheree Kendrick
Paul Korney
Yannique Langerak
Toni Lapin
Alison C. Lowander
Denise McDermott

Catherine McDonnell
Marcia Mcllvain
Nancy McMillan
Michele A. Madrigali
John Mazzacca
Michael Merryweather
Lale Muldur
Donna E. Nelson
Jody E. Newman
Kristin L. Nummy
Astrid P. Ory
Paul F. Paggi
Rosemary Phelan
Maria G. Pisano
Darcy Powers
John Purcell
Barbara A. Quarles
Deodat Quiranga
Alan Robinson
Cynthia Romer

Leslie Rosenheim
Hajar Safaie
Catrina D. Sahakian
Hoda Salah
Jennifer Scott
Jenny L. Semans
Deborah P. Simons
Diana Sowden
Gretchen Steiner
Silvia Taccani
Elizabeth A. Truslow
Ana F. von Rabenau-O ' Reilly
Michael O. Wandell
Maureen Wert
Elizabeth A. Whitehouse
Adriane Wiser
Laurie L. Young
April Schatte
Paul Korney
Sheree Kendrick
Silvia Taccani
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What have I been up to...?
After leaving Fleming College I stayed friends with Shaw Scates and
attended Memphis College of Art. Shaw passed away shortly after I left.

Saw a good deal of Eric Kolvig around Boston. He's now a Zen Master in Utah. I may do a river meditation retreat with him.

Maria Henle, who I grew up with in St Croix and then ran into at Fleming, had a gallery in St Croix and frequented NYC, where we remained friends. Sadly, she died of cancer a couple years ago. She had become a truly amazing painter and will be missed.

I saw Ellen Smith briefly. Her Mom and dad were teachers of mine at SKS and that's how I found Fleming.

I stayed in touch with Neusha Farrahi when he fled Iran and moved to Beverly Hills with his family.

I spent 30 years in NYC with my wife, Joan Michlin, building a Fine Art Jewelry Biz - www.joanmichlin.com - I am also active with my own art as a painter. We've sailed bareboat charters all over the world and are avid divers. In 1997 I designed and built a waterfront home in St John (www.caribbeanvilla.com - click "Sunset Beach"). We now live on the Bay in Sarasota, FL. We have one daughter, Samantha. You can find me on Facebook under Skip Ennis.

Skip Ennis
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