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Fleming College Faculty / 1972 - 1977

  Almabianca Guarancino (Italian)
Bruce Bennet
Colin Reiners (Photography 1976 - 1977) website link
Dennis Olsen (Etching & Lithography) website link
Eric Kolvig (English Literature)
Fred Licht (Board of Advisors)
Gary Crippen
Gay Fleming Rea (Assistant to Dean)
George Marchi (Theatre Arts)
Giovanni Flores (Archaeology - Deceased, 2008)
Heidi Flores (Administrator) website link
Henry Maas
Irene Schock
Jasna Thaller-Crisp (Chemistry)
Joseph Pirone (Photography & Film-making)
Kathleen Knippel (Weaving & Textiles) website link
Laura Gordon Giannozzi
Luciano Mezzetta (English)
Lynn Fleming Aeschliman (Development)
Margherita Licht (Art History)
Marian Bremer (Librarian)
Mary Rose (Italian)
Mrs. M. Crist Fleming (Founder - Deceased, 2009)
Nikla Mambretti (Language Department)
Paul Rowland (Philosophy, Literature)
Penny Ortner (Jounalism & Film-making)
Piero Colacicchi (Sculpture)
Richard Adamany (Dean - Deceased, 1977)
Richard Boardman (Theatre Arts 1972 / Drawing 1972 - 1977)
Rod Shone (Photography) website link
Rosanna Rowland (French)
Shaw Scates, Jr. (Painting & Drawing)
Tamio Fujimura (Jewelry)
Tom Smith (History)
Walter Gray (Music History)
Will Crisp (Asst Dean + History & Politics)

Illustrator / Sculptor / www.rwbpl.com

I originally came to Italy for one year at Fleming College and thirty seven years later I am still here. It is funny how life unfolds. After Fleming College closed I lived between Switzerland and Italy and then had a long period in Greece and then back to Italy teaching for various institutions plus a short time teaching at Rhode Island School of Design in Rhode Island. I also did critiques for the Rhode Island School of Design Program in Rome. I managed to always have part-time work and this has always left me with a lot of time to do my own work. In Florence I also worked for Harvard University doing a project for a journal on Italian Renaissance Studies. Ten years ago I stopped all the teaching and since then have just done my own work apart for some consulting for the NYU Program in Florence. Living in Lucca is so much more pleasant than living in Florence. Lucca is a small but charming city - very 'dolce'. One day soon I might move to England. About ten years ago a friend suggested that I do sculpture - working in wax and then having them cast in bronze. It was a fun thing to start and I made just a few small and rather simple pieces which to my surprise people seemed to like and this encouragement was so stimulating that I now divide my time between sculpture and illustration. I also do silver smithing at a studio in Florence when I have time.

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  Richard Boardman
Docent at Stanford’s Fine Arts Museum / mcafiero@stanford.edu

Ciao a tutti,
Some of you will remember me forcing irregular verbs on you first thing in the morning. Others may recall me in a more after-hours capacity. I’m pleased and somewhat amazed to say, that reading the list of all your names, I can conjure up a face for nearly each one of you. I often refer back to moments from that year and feel quite connected to many aspects of it. My Italian has become a lot more colorful since then, as I married a man from Italy, Luca Cafiero, whom I met here in California.  We have two sons who are now older than any of us were back then…
I haven’t strayed too far from teaching and learning. I’m a docent at Stanford’s fine arts museum and I’m also working on a Master of Liberal Arts degree at Stanford. This week our assigned reading has been Stendhal’s The Red and the Black. I dusted off my copy, untouched since I sat in on Shaw Scates’ literature class during the fall of ’72. Do any of you remember reading it? One of the great legacies from that year for me was the exquisite friendship Shaw and I sustained until his death in 1989. (See my entry for him below) I have the chance to spend a few days in Florence at the end of March. I wonder if I’ll hike up to the Torre di Gattaia. The nostalgia might be overwhelming. The photo’s of the villa on the website are stunning. Thank you, Marcus and Stephen, for this thoughtful project. I look forward to reading about all of you!
With warm best wishes, Mary Rose Cafiero

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  Mary Rose Cafiero

Deceased, 1935-1989

"If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft, and from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left, Sell one, and with the dole buy hyacinths to feed thy soul." ~ Saadi ~

Excerpt from a letter to shaw from a friend:

“…As you have for many people, you have made a great difference in my life – a change with several dimensions, especially joy. Your brilliant mind, wacky sense of humor, and never a personal complaint, have touched me more times than you can imagine. Actually you struck some creative chord in me that I thought was long gone. So, my friend – my gratitude, appreciation and love…”

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  H. Shaw Scates Jr.

Photographer / www.colinreiners.com

As the photography tutor, ‘apprentice’ to Diki Boardman and following in the large footsteps  of Rod  Shone, I arrived on a cheap flight from England  accompanied by Mrs Fleming and her large handbag. A new start for everyone, with the main school Soprarno, the Art Studios in Via F iesolana, Leo Forte as the new painting tutor and Moffy  my studio assistant. Early days were spent wondering how to escape back to England …then the ethos created by Giovani Flores, Diki and Heidi etc started to make sense, and as  most of us did, we fell in love with Florence, and Italy.
I was a different person when I left for London at the end of the academic year. After the Royal College of Art and leading large design and photography programmes in English Universities, the fun we had at Fleming still stands out. Was it the place or the people? I think it was both.
Students were smart and slightly crazy, the staff more so. A place for students to find out about themselves and prepare for whatever life was about to throw at them. Of course like all good things it came to an end.
Looking back, I learnt more than I taught and visit Italy as often as possible.
Now back full circle, teaching, living in Lincoln, England and wondering how to escape back to Florence.

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  Colin Reiners
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