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Photos in & around Florence

Send in a few photos you took in Florence, on field trips or traveling throughout Italy so we can post them here. They can be from when you were at FCF or from a recent trip back.
Send them here: content@flemingcollegeflorence.com

UPDATED: April 22, 2012

A faculty member returns! Mary Rose's written account and photos...

Entrance to Fleming College Florence from Viale Michelangelo


...and a special treat

Click here to "walk" the Vialle Michelangiolo from our school right up to the piazza! The entrance to FCF is on the left (next to the dumpsters)

Click here to walk across the Ponte Vecchio.

Close up photo of entrance to Fleming College

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Mary Crist Fleming
Dr. Richard Adamany
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bar The entrance to our school off Viale Michelangelo ...and a close-up. The start of the walk up. You can just see the school through the trees in the top center

Rear View Field Trip
At the Bar
      Walter Gray, Meg Licht, Josie Jacobs (eating as usual!), Molly Morgan, Mr. Marchi and friends

  L to R: Muffie Spurge, Susan Bodine Bolea, John Stevens, Connie
Fields, Lisa Maxwell
      Peter Nicholas
  John Mazzaca
      L to R - "unidentified" John Mazzaca, "unidentified", Peter Nicholas

  John Mazzaca
      Torri Randall in the House of Blue Leaves
  Tim Hurley in the House of Blue Leaves
      Torri Randall performs in the House of Blue Leaves in il Teatro della Torre

  Tim Hurley - also in the House of Blue Leaves
  Eric Kolvig
      Mark Aeschliman and Peter Stillman - 1974   English Lit professor Eric Kolvig
  Tuscan Hillside
      On the terrace with Mr. Marchi, Susan Hunt and Shanly Heffelfinger

  The Tuscan hillside by Lisa Maxwell
      Lisa in Venice
  Shaw Scates and Peter Stillman
      Lisa Maxwell in St. Marks' square, Venice. Doing homework or writing a postcard...?

  Shaw Scates enjoys a cigar and chats with Peter Stillman (Mrs. Fleming on the far left in white)
      The path
  The Arno river
The Arno river by Mary Rose

      The pathway down... by Lisa Maxwell

  Photo by Mary Rose
      Lounging amoung the pillars in Florence
  Miss Mamberetti's Italian Class at Fleming College Florence
      L to R: Florence, "unidentified", Sondra Duncanson and Guy Burchak lounging on the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Photo by Kent Oztekin

  Miss Mamberetti's Italian class. Wingate Jones, Kimberly Sabaugh (in the sailor outfit!), Nancy Griswold. Photo by Kent Oztekin
Patricia Belfanti in the piazza (one of many)

      Sondra Duncanson with her Blue Jean painting which took first place in the FCF artshow that year

  Photo by Mary Rose
      Dr. Adamany
Marcus Liuzzi, Dr. Adamany, Serena Costin and Sara MacMillan

  Mary and Shaw
Mary Rose and Shaw Scates at Lynn Long's apartment
      Breck Costin and John Sanderford

  Torri and Fuzzi
      Mark Aeschliman, Torri Randall and friend

  Torri and Fuzzi mime it up
      Fleming College Florence Students


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